Timely News

Baby season is nearly upon us here in the Northland. Squirrels will be among the first to appear and sometimes they may find themselves suddenly cast from their nests. If you find a baby squirrel on the ground, call us at 218-491-3604. If we can’t be reached or it’s after hours, leave us a message and we’ll call back as soon as we’re able to.

In the meantime:

If the babies appear fat and healthy, keep pets and people away for several hours to allow the mother to retrieve them. If the babies have been handled by humans, it’s ok. The mother will still come for them if she feels safe enough to do so. If after several hours the mother has not been seen, or if the babies appear to be thin and dehydrated, they are likely orphaned. Place them in a box and keep them in a warm, dark, quiet area free of children and pets until they can be brought to us.

Check out this helpful flowchart from Rowena Wildlife Clinic for more info.