Help Wildwoods build a new facility

Ongoing Construction

This year we began construction on our new wildlife rehabilitation facility. 2015 marked our last year in the original space, which was just a couple hundred square feet and operating out of the founders’ basement and back yard. Over 1,000 animals were admitted in that basement and it just wasn’t big enough any more. Donate […]

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Construction on the first building of Wildwoods' new animal care facility is nearly complete.

Environmental impact of our new facility

Some people have asked us what the environmental impact of building a new facility for our wildlife rehabilitation efforts will be. We spent several years planning, revising those plans, and revising the revisions to make sure we were being responsible stewards of the land within our property and surrounding it. A proper balance needed to […]

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Wildwoods Drawing and plans by Arola Architecture Studio, LLC

Building Up, Moving Forward

When I first started volunteering at Wildwoods two years ago it was run out of the backyard of a private residence. Several sheds and out-buildings had been built in the back yard, with electricity and running water, but many animals spent their time in the home’s basement. Can you imagine having volunteers and staff members […]

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Support Our Growth and help Wildwoods build a new facility

Support Our Growth: Phase 2

If you’ve been following us you know that construction is under way on our new facility! We’ve completed Phase 1 and are moving full-steam ahead on Phase 2, but we still need your help. “Northlanders take pride in our stewardship of our amazing natural surroundings. A new Wildwoods animal rehab center will embody our region’s […]

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