Three of thirty juvenile pigeons who were rescued from starvation

Pigeons rescued from a nightmare

Wildwoods received thirty baby and juvenile pigeons who had all been trapped in an attic with no way to escape. A man had been cited by the city because there were so many pigeons living in and around his house. He shooed away some of the adults, but didn’t call anyone to remove the rest […]

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We’re A Community Resource

Wildwoods handles all kinds of animals, everything from porcupines to snapping turtles, eagles to voles. We provide medicine, food, wound care, safety and comfort to hundreds of wild animals each year. Not only do we serve these animals, but we also serve our community by providing a resource for people when they’ve come across a […]

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Orphaned baby porcupine


Every year we seem to get one animal that steals the show. Last year it was Silver, the melanistic red fox who had been purchased as a pet from a fur farm, passed between a few different people, and finally brought to Wildwoods when it became clear that tamed wild animals make bad pets. Silver […]

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The Wild Babies of Wildwoods

Baby Shower!

Spring is here and that means baby season at Wildwoods. We need your help to give them everything they need to grow up and be released back into the wild. Syringes, puppy training pads, nipples, storage jars, bowls, food and more. Every year we go through thousands of dollars worth of these vital items and it would […]

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Help us save our foxes from mange

Save the Foxes

The end of 2016 has brought an outbreak of mange among our local foxes, particularly focused around the Park Point neighborhood in Duluth. Red foxes are particularly susceptible to mange, a parasitic infestation that causes hair loss, intense discomfort, and leads to many secondary issues that will cause death if left untreated. We need a 1,200 […]

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Pigeons are kind, loyal and very smart birds


A constant presence At Wildwoods pigeons are constant companions, seeming to need rescuing all year long. As I write this we have several pigeons ranging in age from nestling to adult and most of them are with us as a result of human ignorance or cruelty. Over the past few months we’ve had pigeons with bullet holes […]

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