Found an animal?

If you have found a wild animal in need of medical care, please call us immediately at 218-491-3604.

If we are unavailable when you call you can check out our “Does This Animal Need Help” resource. Never give food, water, or other remedies found online to a wild animal until you have spoken with a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Only move an animal if it is in clear danger (for example, in the road).

Wildwoods is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife, and to the reconciliation of humans and nature through education.

Support Wildwoods

Wildwoods receives no state or federal funding, and relies completely on public donations for all of our needs. Checks can be made out to Wildwoods and mailed to PO Box 3161, Duluth, MN 55803 or donate securely online:

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Want to give to a specific project?

We need a bigger enclosure to help foxes recover from mange

Give to the Foxes

URGENT NEED: Fox Healing Area

We need a bigger area to provide proper care and comfort to the foxes in our care while they heal from mange, a debilitating parasitic infection.

Checks: Make sure “Fox Fund” is in the memo line.

Construction on one of two buildings began in the spring of 2016

Donate to Facility Fund

New Facility

In 2016 we began construction on a new facility that will provide us with four times more space than we have ever had. We’ve completed one building but still have a long way to go before the entire project is complete.

Checks: Make sure “Facility ” is in the memo line

These little raccoon kits need a bigger space to play and learn before they can be released.

Give to the Raccoons

Raccoon Recovery & Nursery

Raccoons require an environment that will provide them with mental and physical stimulation so they can exercise their natural curiosity and learn behaviors required for survival in the wild. We need to build a special enclosure for our raccoon patients that will meet their needs as they grow.
Checks: Make sure “Raccoons” is in the memo line.

Other Ways to Support Wildwoods

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Timely News

Baby season is nearly upon us here in the Northland. Squirrels will be among the first to appear and sometimes they may find themselves suddenly cast from their nests. If you find a baby squirrel on the ground, call us at 218-491-3604. If we can’t be reached or it’s after hours, leave us a message and we’ll call back as soon as we’re able to.

In the meantime:

If the babies appear fat and healthy, keep pets and people away for several hours to allow the mother to retrieve them. If the babies have been handled by humans, it’s ok. The mother will still come for them if she feels safe enough to do so. If after several hours the mother has not been seen, or if the babies appear to be thin and dehydrated, they are likely orphaned. Place them in a box and keep them in a warm, dark, quiet area free of children and pets until they can be brought to us.

Check out this helpful flowchart from Rowena Wildlife Clinic for more info.


Volunteering at Wildwoods is challenging and rewarding. Volunteers can help with a wide range of activities from animal care to data entry. While we are always accepting applications, most activities are seasonal. We’re busiest in the spring when babies are being born, in the summer when juveniles are growing up and testing their boundaries, and in the early fall when migration begins and animals are out gathering as much food as they can to sustain themselves through winter. We typically begin calling on volunteers to begin their season around mid- to late-May and you will probably end your season with us around early- to mid-October. Those who apply late in the season or over the winter may not be called on until the following spring.

There are four steps to begin volunteering with Wildwoods:

  1. Read volunteer position descriptions to find a good fit for you
  2. Attend an Orientation OR view the Online Orientation video
  3. Complete an Application and sign a Release
  4. Participate in Continuing Education

Wildwoods Donation Leaderboard

We want to say a special thank you to those who have gone above and beyond with donations, so we’ve created the Wildwoods Rockstar Leaderboards. You’ll find your name here if you:

  1. Have donated in the past 365 days and
  2. Have not donated anonymously and
  3. Your lifetime total donations to Wildwoods are more than $1,000

Organizations and Individuals are listed separately and our list is updated monthly. Thanks so much for supporting us!

Individual Rockstars Organization Rockstars
$5,000 David & Christina A.
$2,500 Erica & Ben E.
$2,460 Judith & Mary Anne T.
$1,500 Shahbaz T.
$1,450 Rene L.
$1,250 Barbara P.
$1,250 Mohammad F.
$1,107 Mark B.
$1,000 Becky U.
$1,000 Debra C.
$1,000 Natalie K.
$1,000 Patrice B.
$1,000 Robert M.
$1,500 South Pier Inn
$1,323 Swim Creative
$1,000 Arola Architecture