Volunteer Positions

Volunteers are critical to the efficient running of Wildwoods. There are many tasks that need to be completed on a daily and weekly basis. Volunteers not only care for animals hands-on, but are also needed to clean and disinfect cages, wash dishes, fold laundry, prepare food, and clean the facility and common areas. There are no small jobs here at Wildwoods. They are all necessary for the health of the animals as well as for us. We ask that our volunteers have a willingness to help out wherever needed and not only on favored tasks. Please note that wildlife rehabilitation is seasonal, with the “busy” season being between mid-May and mid-October. Applicants who apply in the middle of or at the end of the current season may not be called on until the next spring.

Available Positions

Animal Care

This is by far the most popular way to volunteer with Wildwoods. It’s a life-altering experience to hold a helpless animal in your hands and help them heal, grow, and finally be released to live the life they were meant to live. Animal Care Volunteers must be able to commit to at least one two-hour shift per week through the season (Mid-May through October), and be willing to complete a wide range of tasks including, but not limited to, preparing meals, cleaning cages, washing dishes, and maintaining accurate animal care logs. Read more…

Fundraising Committee

This is a great opportunity for people with strong organizational skills who are friendly, work well on a team, and who are committed to getting the job done. In the past we have had only one major event each year, but we’re adding a second in the fall of 2017. Read more…

Animal Transportation

This is a great volunteer opportunity for anyone who has a flexible schedule and a car.
When we have an animal that is beyond our ability to help, we need to get them to a specialized facility like The Raptor Center in St. Paul or Wild And Free in Garrison, MN. At other times, we may call on you to drive to other areas to pick up injured wildlife and bring them to us. Our Animal Transportation Volunteers must have a valid driver’s license and their own reliable vehicle that is clean, quiet, pet-free and smoke-free. Read more…

Data Entry

If you love what we do, but aren’t sure about handling wild animals, you can still volunteer and provide a very valuable service. We need detail-oriented people who are comfortable with computers and programs like Microsoft Excel to record data about our patients. Some of this may be done at home, but we may ask you to be on-site for some things. Read more…


One of Wildwoods’ primary goals is to educate the public about wildlife. Education volunteers may be asked to give presentations at schools or libraries, run informational booths at festivals and special events, or create videos, brochures or other materials that are designed to inform the public on a particular topic. If you have ideas for educational opportunities, we’d love to hear them!


Each season (Mid-May through October) Wildwoods has a handful of paid and unpaid internship positions available. Paid interns receive a monthly stipend, and will be required to help staff examine incoming animal admits, administer medications, assist in developing care plans, train and supervise volunteers, and other tasks as assigned by staff. Unpaid interns have fewer responsibilities (like developing care plans) and work fewer hours. Read more…


Other opportunities

Need to develop a marketing plan for a senior project? Love to crochet or knit? Handy with a hammer and nails? Know a thing or two about fundraising? Whatever your skill set, we could probably use your help! Give us a call at 218-491-3604 to discuss how you can help give wildlife a second chance. Read more…

How to volunteer

First, fill out an online Application. Download and sign a Release form, and bring it with to your interview (which we’ll call to schedule with you after we’ve reviewed your application). After your interview, you’ll schedule your training session and begin volunteering!