Luke finds an owl caught in a barbed wire fence

A Tale of Two Owls

Wildwoods has a very small staff and budget, and so we rely on our community to bring animals to us. Without folks like Rich and Luke, these owls, and many other animals, would be lost.
Today we want to thank the thousands of people who have stepped up and done their part when they find sick, injured and orphaned animals. If you have found an animal in need, please call us at 218-491-3604 and we will be happy to walk you through how to safely handle wildlife, so you can get them to safety.

The Barbed Owl

Luke finds an owl caught in a barbed wire fence

A few days ago Luke came across a barred owl that had become entangled on a barbed wire fence. Likely it had been swooping after some prey and didn’t see the fence in his way.

Luke covers the owl for safety

Very carefully, Luke placed a couple of towels over the owl to keep it calm, and for Luke’s safety.

Luke cut the barbed wire on either side of the owl

He then cut the barbed wire, which was deeply embedded in the owl’s wing.

Freed from the barbed wire fence, the owl is transported to care

After getting the owl free from the fence, he brought it to Wildwoods. It has been transferred to the Raptor Center for further evaluation and care.

The Icy Owl

Rich saw a snowy owl on thin ice

On a cold Sunday morning Wildwoods received a call about a snowy owl that was sitting on very thin ice over the bay near Sky Harbor airport in Duluth. Then we received another call, and another.

Rich built a long pole and net to safely scoot the owl over the ice

Most callers were unable to safely capture the owl, but Rich was finally able to reach it. He fashioned a long pole out of 2×4’s and attached a net to the end of it, sliding it out onto the thin ice until the net reached the owl.

Rich and the owl in the frigid waters

While Wildwoods will never ask someone to enter a dangerous situation, Rich decided to step into the frigid, icy waters to rescue the owl.

Rich gets the owl to safety

Once he and the owl were safely out of the water, he wrapped the owl in a blanket and brought it to Wildwoods.

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