Give to the Max 2017

Wildwoods continues to see about a 20% increase in animal admits each year, and we need your help. Keeping a wildlife rehabilitation facility open is very expensive. Medicine, food and water, caging, bedding, heating pads, electricity, property, staffing and administrative costs all add up. To make sure we can keep our doors open and continue to care for the 1,500+ sick, injured and orphaned wildlife that will come through our doors next season, we need everyone to pitch in.

Luckily, Give to the Max Day is November 16th, and like last year all donations made starting November 1st will help us earn a matching grant, and unlock additional cash prizes! Now is a great time to make a tax-deductible gift because your donation doubles.

Matching Grant
Every donation made from November 1st through 16th will help Wildwoods earn a matching grant, one-for-one, up to $15,000. That means your gift doubles, making this the perfect time to give.
Small Organization Leaderboard*
The ten small organizations to earn the most during Give to the Max will win additional prizes up to $5,000.
Daily Golden Ticket*
Each day, November 1st through 15th, one organization will be randomly selected to win an additional $500. Each donation is an entry for Wildwoods!
Hourly Golden Ticket*
November 16 Only
On Give to the Max day (November 16th) only, each hour one Golden Ticket of $1,000 will be awarded through a random drawing of all donations transacted during the previous hour. Each donation is an entry for Wildwoods!
Super-Sized Golden Ticket*
One Super-Sized Golden Ticket of $10,000 will be awarded, drawn randomly from all donations made through from November 1st through 16th. Each donation is an entry for Wildwoods!

*Donations must be made through to count for the Leaderboard and Golden Ticket prizes.

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