Loon Release


This loon was found grounded on the side of Becks Road. She likely crash-landed due either to wind, or because she thought that the wet asphalt was a river. Loons and grebes have legs placed far back on their bodies, which is great for diving and swimming underwater to chase fish, but hopeless for walking on land. Loons and grebes do “water starts” to become airborne, running and flapping across the surface of a lake until they are at last airborne.

Grounded loons and grebes away from a large body of water will die without human help. We are so grateful to the person who called this bird’s plight to the attention of the DNR, and to the Conservation Officer who helped her and brought her to us.

Once she passed her physical and ate a bunch of minnows, she was ready to go! We released her into the St. Louis River, as the waves were HUGE on Lake Superior yesterday. Make sure your computer’s sound is on to hear her departing yodel of loon joy!

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