Three of thirty juvenile pigeons who were rescued from starvation

Pigeons rescued from a nightmare

Wildwoods received thirty baby and juvenile pigeons who had all been trapped in an attic with no way to escape.

A man had been cited by the city because there were so many pigeons living in and around his house. He shooed away some of the adults, but didn’t call anyone to remove the rest from inside the attic. Instead he sealed up the holes with chicken wire, trapping dozens inside.

A concerned and compassionate neighbor called the authorities to report a case of animal abuse when they saw pigeons clinging to the chicken wire that had been placed over the holes. There was no escape and the adult pigeons couldn’t get in to feed their babies. Local humane animal control expert, Stone, was asked to assess the situation. What he found was a horrifying sight.

He was able to rescue thirty pigeons, but many more were lying dead in piles of excrement that were years deep. Stone brought them all to Wildwoods. We were forced to euthanize some, and a couple others didn’t make it through the night. But twenty-four remain and are fighting for their lives.

It takes two people 45 minutes to tube-feed all those emaciated bodies, and it must be done three times a day. It’s difficult and emotional for us, especially knowing their stories, but it’s a labor of love and we will continue to fight for them. We can’t do it alone, though. Will you help us help them? Donate securely online, or send checks to Wildwoods, 4009 W Arrowhead Rd, Duluth MN 55811.

Please remember that there are humane ways to deal with wildlife you don’t want to have around, and there are experts to help you make a plan that is compassionate and effective. Contact local humane animal control experts or wildlife rehabilitators. If you can’t find any online a local veterinarian will probably be able to recommend someone or provide advice themselves. If the homeowner had done this, many lives could have been saved.

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