Nestling Incubator

With baby season upon us, we are in need of a better incubator. Our current incubator, used to keep the environment for nestling birds at the correct temperature and humidity, is no longer able to meet our needs, and the needs of our orphaned nestling patients. We’d like to replace it with a much improved version, with better environmental controls and a higher capacity.

This incubator, no longer needed at hospitals and refurbished for our needs, will provide us with just what we need. It’s large enough to hold most, if not all, of the nestling birds we’ll receive this year and has precise controls for maintaining the correct temperature and air circulation.

Our cost would be $2,000. This re-purposed incubator will last us for years to come, and help us raise thousands of orphaned nestlings. Will you help us purchase this needed piece of equipment?

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