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We’re A Community Resource

Wildwoods handles all kinds of animals, everything from porcupines to snapping turtles, eagles to voles. We provide medicine, food, wound care, safety and comfort to hundreds of wild animals each year. Not only do we serve these animals, but we also serve our community by providing a resource for people when they’ve come across a wild animal and don’t know what to do.

Every day people drop off animals in need and thank us for being here. It gives people a chance to exercise compassion and know that they’re making a positive difference in the life of an animal that they otherwise would simply have to try to ignore and walk away from. We also spend a lot of time on the phone with people, asking questions and helping them determine whether or not an animal truly needs help, and what to do if it does.

A few days ago Duluth resident, Linda Nervick, called us to report there was a fawn who’d gotten stuck in the grate over the storm drain by her house. We talked her through it and told her what to do, and she was able to rescue the fawn and reunite it with its mother. You can watch the story at KARE11 or WDIO-TV.

Our community relies on us, and we rely on our community. We receive no state, federal or city funding of any kind and rely completely on private donations from ordinary citizens like you. To help us stay open and continue to serve our neighbors, please consider making a tax-deductible donation. If you have questions about a wild animal call us at 218-491-3604, or, if it’s not an emergency, you can find us on Facebook and send us a message.

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