Thank You Thursday

Thanks to all the people who have donated to Wildwoods over the past couple of months. We couldn't operate without you and the 1,200+ animals we cared for would have missed their second chance. You make this wonderful work happen!


Campaign Donors

Contributors to Special Projects

Baby Shower

Red Squirrel Orphan

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Up to $25
Cheryl D.
Claire W.
Donna W.
Jacquelyn H.
Lori K.
Nancy C.
Robin H.
Sandra E.
Serenity B.
Stephanie M.
Terry B.

Up to $50
Angela J.
Chelsea F.
Kathy E.
Lori .
Rachael .
Sarib R.
Sonia S.

Up to $100
Mary B.
Vickie C.

Up to $500
Leann F.
Melanie B.
Melody B.

Fox Enclosure

Red Fox recovering from mange

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Up to $50

Support Our Growth

Illustration from Arola Architecture of the new planned facility

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Up to $25

Baby Incubator

Incubator for nestlings

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Up to $50
David N.
Donna W.

Other Donors

Contributors to our daily operations fund

We value and rely on the contributions people make to our special projects, but we wouldn't be able to stay in operation at all were it not for these fabulous givers, donating to our daily operations fund.

Up to $25
Abbie T.
Alanna S.
Allison A.
Amanda B.
Amber B.
April W.
Autumn G.
Barbara I.
Bill H.
Carla B.
Carmen W.
Carol F.
Carole B.
Caroly A.
Catherine O.
Chelsey L.
Cheryl B.
Chris M.
Christina L.
Cynthia H.
Cynthia L.
Dan V.
David & Jennifer B.
Davis P.
Deborah B.
Dennis C.
Diane O.
Duane T.
Erin A.
Erin B.
Farrah B.
Golnaz J.
Heather M.
Heather W.
Holly T.
Jackie B.
Jackie V.
Jeff D.
Jennifer H.
Jennifer S.
Jerry M.
Joanne R.
Jody B.
Joy & Ken L.
Julie C.
Kanzee W.
Kathryn H.
Kathy And John B.
Katrina V.
Kim A.
Kirsten A.
Kristin R.
Leah D.
Linda B.
Lindsey G.
Lisa C.
Luke B.
Lynn O.
Marja S.
Marlene A.
Mary Beth B.
Mary H.
Mavis K.
Megan S.
Melody B.
Mike A.
Miranda D.
Mitchell B.
Nancy A.
Nichole C.
Nick H.
Paul B.
Paula C.
Paula E.
Peter F.
Phillip C.
Ray A.
Robert A.
Robyn T.
Sarah B.
Sarah N.
Sarah Z.
Scott & Leslie B.
Seth & Christine O.
Sharron D.
Sheila A.
Sherry V.
Shruthi B.
Steve H.
Steven S.
Sue B.
Susan R.
Ted L.
Terry B.
Tim S.
Toby C.
Virginia N.
Yves B.
Annette P.
Barbara C.
Brenda G.
Darla D.
Elizabeth N.
Heather S.
Jennifer C.
Jennifer F.
Joanne C.
Jodi P.
Judith S.
Julee B.
Kayla D.
Maria I.
Maureen T.
Melissa W.
Penelope H.
Up to $50
Aaron B.
Alayne D.
Alexandria B.
Andrea B.
Anne B.
Annette B.
Arne V.
Barb B.
Benjamin O.
Beth J.
Blaine C.
Bonnie M.
Bridgid P.
Candace O.
Carol B.
Carrie B.
Chuck j.
Cindy J.
Curtis K.
Daniel K.
Danielle V.
Deanna O.
Deb & Harry S.
Diana S.
Emma L.
Erika B.
Farah B.
Forrest W.
Graciana A.
Ira S.
Jamie S.
Jeanette L.
Jill J.
Jim B.
Joe A.
Judith D.
Judith L., In Honor of Tootsie beloved Kitty
Julie S., In Honor of Mary Sorensen
Katie G.
Linda H.
Lindsey W.
Marie Z.
Mark M.
Marna G.
Martha B.
Mary Lee & Michael L.
Mary P.
Maryjeanne A.
Meghan C., In Honor of Baby pigeon from my roof
Patricia E.
Paula M.
Reggie L.
Robin P.
Ronald C.
Ross L.
Sally A.
Sarah P.
Shirley B.
Steve J.
Steve P.
Steven D.
Su N.
Thomas B.
Todd B.
Todd O.
Wendy A.
Up to $100
Anne F.
Antonin G.
Becky P.
Bob & Linda S.
Cassandra D.
Dawn B.
Farzad F.
Fond Du Lac Reservation .
Gail B.
Gloria And Leif B.
Jamie T., In Honor of Larry and Mary Lou Trachsel
Jeff S., In Honor of Jennifer Skogstad
Joanne S.
Joel & Catherine K.
Maria B.
Mary B.
Max S.
Megan S.
Michele F.
Mitch M.
Paya d.
Renee s.
Rhonda R.
Robin A.
Sara S.
Sarah W.
Sharon F B.
Shauna F.
Shirley S.
Sydney P.
United Northern Sportsmen .
Vivette B.
Gerald W.
Wendy M.
Up to $500
Amy S.
Beth S.
Brenda M.
Glenn T.
Kayla H.
Laurie L.
Lisa P.
Pamela W.
Patrice B.
Rita O.
Susan S.
Viki T.

Dale S.

Our Community

Compassionate people like you

Last but not least...

THANK YOU to everyone who has brought in animals. We simply do not have the resources to pick up all the animals we receive calls about, and so we rely on the community to bring the animals to us. We are so appreciative of the time and effort you put in to partner with us in saving these wild animals.

Without this amazing community of compassionate people, we would not be able to do what we do.

If we missed your name on our list this time please accept our apologies and know that you are appreciated! Without your support Wildwoods could not continue and every person who donates, volunteers, or brings us wild animals in need is our hero.


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